Monday, April 20, 2009

Boston Billy, Barefoot and Blisters

***DRUNKARD'S SPOILER ALERT: Finally, for those readers who have been waiting to get a glimpse of the Viper, your day has arrived. See the bottom of this post.***

There is some race today. Some magazine is covering it live online.

Some of you have probably read in that very same magazine about the possible return of the that same race's legendary four-time winner, "Boston Billy" Rodgers. At the end of that article, which ran in the most recent issue of that magazine, you were left hanging with the question of whether Rodgers would actually run that race. Well, if you haven't learned elsewhere, he is. He probably won't win.

Robert Cheruiyot is the defending winner. Ryan Hall is the American favorite to save us Yanks from the tyranny of East African marathoners. Kara Goucher plays the same U.S. savior role on the women's side. I'll be rooting for my comrade in facial hair and prophet of sockless running, Brian Sell.

If you got this far and you're feeling like I half-assed this portion of the post (which I did), you can get a proper lead-up to this somewhat notable race at the Science of Sport, which really breaks shit down proper-like with way more numbers and graphics than I'm capable of fabricating.

DRUNKARD'S UPDATE: It's over. Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher each finished third in their respective races. Hall should have worn a wig and entered as a woman. He would have destroyed those girls. Brian Sell finished 14th. Bill Rodgers finished in 4:06:49--my new time to beat.

Hey, Detroit

Go Cavs!

Get Lost
Why is it that the scenery looks different when you're on foot compared to when you are driving in a car? I decided to run a different route through some of the the West Akron neighborhoods and in the process got lost when I missed a turn.

What I hoped would be another mile or so became another two miles or so. No matter. It was 71 degrees and I was enjoying another sockless run. The sun felt good on my skin, and the new terrain was fun to explore, albeit disorienting.

However, I have learned a lesson. My silver and red New Balance 767s don't seem to agree with my bare feet.

And now a new photo of me:

Who wants breakfast?


Sun Runner said...

Ha, ha, joke's on you, I couldn't care less about pro basketball. Only the Wolverines have my heart. ;)

C said...

Good weather in Ohio? I don't believe it.

Your first sentence under 'Get Lost' is eerily reminiscent of a conversation I had this weekend. Stop that, you're scaring me.

Aileen said...

The Cavs are magical right now. It's pretty exciting, fo sho.

I get a blister in the exact same spot, and that's whilst wearing socks and the like. Ewwwwwwww...

B. Kramer said...

What joke, Sarah? I don't care if you don't care about pro basketball.

Ms. V. said...

Um. You burn candles?

Your feet look better than mine.

Sun Runner said...

You say Hey Detroit & post a video of the Cavs dismantling the Pistons, who else might you be addressing? Nitmos?

I don't care that you don't care that I don't care about basketball. So there. ;)

Spike said...

That's it? That is your blister! Until it is the size of a nickle, don't complain.

Unknown said...

Ohhh grossss ! I just lost my appetite now. Hmmm, this is a good time for you to pop it. There is one thing wrong with the picture of your toes. There is no beer on the coffee table. Just a candle ???

I watched the entire Boston Marathon on TV. Kara ran a terrific race. I am questioning whether Ryan Hall took off too fast in the beginning ???

Good luck popping the blister !!!

S said...

That blister looks like it's going to be so fun to pop!

M2Marathon said...

LOL Perhaps a toenail trimming is in order while you are working on that blister. And I have the reverse problem with finding my way around; I find a great spot on foot, then can't find it in my car because everything looks so different...

chia said...

I scrolled down and went "I didn't know Viper was black."

That was pretty funny. Well, to me.

I'm finding the whole "different on foot" experience to really suck in a new city. Austin apparently has one hell of a hood. I found it. Sure wish I had a shirt on at the time and all... but hey.

Whoever that guy was in the red getup that thought it would be a good idea to ask the pink sportbra'ed wonder (that's me) if she (ya, me) wanted some weed really should reconsider his marketing base.

Nitmos said...

No one in Detroit follows the Pistsons anymore. When are the Red Wings on?

I think Vanilla said he'd pop that blister...with his teeth.