Thursday, March 13, 2008


Can I get a "Finally!"?

Since the Blizzard of 2008, it's been nothing but blue skies and warmer temperatures, and there's even a little left over after I get home from work. Last night, I went on the first evening run of the year that actually ended with daylight to spare. The whole geographic mood seems to have shifted toward the positive.

The temperature is still in the mid-30s, but it just feels Spring-like. I think I just heard a bird chirp. Hope has returned to Northeast Ohio.

After the big storm, Martini and I couldn't run outside (and I refuse to run inside), so Monday night, we took advantage of our first weekday of Daylight Savings and went for a 3-mile hike through 18-in. snow. We averaged about 2 mph. Slow, I know, but what a workout! My calves and thighs were tight afterward, and I think it helped strengthen my knee.

Last night was a slow 3 miles, and I'm feeling great today. Some stiffness, but no soreness.

Deadline for Entry

The Guess Viper's Car Contest will wrap up tomorrow. Get your guess in before I post tomorrow, which could be at any time, and enter a chance to win! See previous post for contest rules, clues and prizes. Void where prohibited.

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Unknown said...

On a serious note, I do want to win this contest badly. It looks like a minivan to me so I will say Ford Winstar.