Monday, July 29, 2013

Breaking One Hundred

No way was this month going to end without seeing triple digits. July will still show rather paltry numbers when it's over, but at least there will be a hundred miles under my belt.

Cripes, that's so lame. If this pace keeps up, which really is anyone's guess with a baby set to arrive in October, I'll fall just short of 200 miles for the year — a new record low.

My first visit to the Ledges Trail this year, which, hello, major family time on a Friday afternoon with perfect summer weather, but it was fun blasting by single-file lines of oblivious mothers, dim fathers and bratty kids who ignore trail etiquette. Move, people!

That will be me someday, won't it?

Sure, I felt like a badass flying over the rocks, but reality set in when afterward my running app displayed a pace of 13:13 per mile. Spoiler alert! You can't improve your speed if you only run 3 to 4 miles a week. You just can't.

Sunday would have been a great day to run, but yard work beckoned. Speaking of which, did I mention I got a new reel mower?

Last year, I had gotten a Husqvarna Evolution, which I strongly recommend you never purchase. It broke on the second cutting this year. That plastic piece of poop. I tried with all sorts of failure to contact Husqvarna to get a replacement mower (warranty!), but those Swedes never got back to me.

Sears had a sale on a Remington reel mower that is all metal and a total boss. I sounds like the BLADES OF DOOM when I cut the grass and can power through the taller stuff if it rains a lot or I neglect my yard, both of which have been common this summer. It kicks the Husqvarna's ass.

After mowing, I had to do some weeding of the frontal landscaping. A run still sounded nice after all that, but it was time to pick up the wife from work and eat dinner. There are still a couple days to improve this month's mileage. Maybe I can get up to 20 miles!

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Jamoosh said...

So how does a running stroller work on trails...