Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back-to-Back ... to Back?

Yesterday's weather was too good to pass up, and so I headed out for another three-mile run around the neighborhood and in so doing tied my fastest pace of the year. That's back-to-back runs and back-to-back paces of 9:30 per mile or faster. But can I do it one more time?

Thursday has been one of my regular running days, and the after-work weather forecast calls for high 30s and partly sunny. That's a good running climate.

While running seems likely, another 9:30 mile pace doesn't. Furthermore, I'm contemplating a midweek trail run, as I've noticed the daylight has been lasting just long enough to be able to make it through the woods before it gets too dark. That is, if I go direct from the office.

My trail running pace has been more like 12 minutes per mile, so logging 9:30s, even on a flat trail, would be extremely ludicrous, especially considering my legs will likely feel tired. But speed speculations aside, another three-miler this week would put me ahead of my pre-training plan heading into another potentially busy weekend.

What'd You Say?
Have you seen the latest "Sh*t ___ Say" video?

That's Steven Sashen of Invisible Shoes fame. Remember when I reviewed those her-ra-kees? That "heel striker" comment is totally me. Cheers!


Xenia said...

What I got from that video is that you barefooters are all a bunch of dirty hippies.

Sounds about right.

Nitmos said...

I second Xenia's comment. Pass the bong, dude.

Jamoosh said...


Wild man!

Jamoosh said...


Wild man!

MCM Mama said...

LMAO at the video! I'm so much the "normal shoes don't fit me anymore" comment.

Tagged you on my blog today.

misszippy said...

So did you get it in? The days are getting longer, which is great for runners. I'm always amazed when I go to Ohio at how late it stays light in comparison to the E. coast.

Love the video.