Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pushing the Pace

After the first few steps, it was if someone had hit the "GO!" button. My feet lightly glided over the sidewalks, quietly lifting, lifting, lifting, and lifting away.

The long slow hill up Market to home only slightly impeded my speed. The final result was my second fastest run of the year.

With a 9:30 per mile pace, I'm not setting any land speed records any time soon, but it's marked improvement for the year. Most of my runs are still around 10 minutes per mile, except for Tuesdays, which seem to be my fast day.

Looking back over the past month, three of my four fastest runs were done on a Tuesday. My average Tuesday pace is 9:34 per mile. For all the other days, it's 10:52. Granted those other days also include my trail runs, which average 12:07 per mile.

OK, enough math.

Upon returning home, I conducted a short strength workout, with planks, crunches, bicycle-kick sit-ups, and 20- and 10-pound curls. I still have yet to complete these exercises on a non-run day, but I really mean to, I swear.

Three more runs to go this week. Can I get another one under a 10-minute mile pace?


Jen Feeny said...

Well done! Like anything else, it all comes back in time.

B. Jarosz said...