Monday, January 16, 2012

A Missed Run

There will be no problem making up the mileage from yesterday's planned run, but it was the first time this year I've missed the mark on my weekly running goals.

Between visiting family and hosting some friends at the house to play some old-time tunes, there was no room to fit a three-miler.

I meant to run while visiting Mrs. Viper's family in the morning, but I forgot to grab the bag of running clothes I packed when we left home and didn't realize it until we were about to get off the highway.

No matter. Today's more temperate weather will be a perfect time to substitute for that missed time.

On top of today's make-up run, this week's pre-training plan again calls for four runs and 12 miles. I'll start building mileage starting next week, so it's important that this foundation is secure.

My weight this morning was 175.9 pounds, according to our scale. That's about four pounds down from the start of the year, but I'm still too high on the Body Mass Index (BMI), which I know is a flawed measurement but one I find to be a good benchmark.

Saturday's trail run was adventurous, as the latest snow storm made some of the terrain slick with ice, while the recent warm-up made other parts squishy with mud. Afterward, I completed my almost habitual strength workout.

I'm starting to feel fitter, and I'm primed for a solid winter running season.


Anonymous said...

Be careful of that ice. We want the booze with the running!

Carolina John said...

No time for three miles? c'mon.