Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blow Wind Blow

Only after my three-miler last night did I realize Northeast Ohio was under a storm advisory from the National Weather Service. The wind blew heavy gusts that knocked me sideways. My legs struggled to keep me on course.

The storm rolled through just before I set out on my run. As I was getting ready, rain pounded the roof, but the rain didn't last. Instead, those gales added adventure to my neighborhood route.

The wind was especially strong from the west, providing a tough headwind for the final stretch.

Despite the challenging weather, I still managed to finish with a sub-10-minute mile pace for just the third time all year.

After topping out in the mid-50s yesterday, the temperature is back down into the 20s today with a new coat of snow on the ground.

This week's forecast doesn't offer much in the way of good news, but what should I expect from the North Coast in the middle of January?


Al's CL Reviews said...

Way to get out there!

Nitmos said...

Sometimes it sounds worse there than it does up here.

How many barefoot runs so far? Stay true to the cause.

misszippy said...

I'm glad you welcomed the wind! I was not so generous when it arrived here today. I did, however, manage to run into the headwind and back with the tailwind. Score!

Razz said...

the wind sucks.

See what I did there? I could've said that it blows, but I went the other way.