Thursday, December 15, 2011

When There's Warmth

We've had a bit of a warm front this week, albeit a rain-drenched one. After returning to running last weekend, I took a bit of an extended recovery break. Last night's mid-40s temperature and brief dryness, however, lured me out the door for another short run around my new stomping grounds.

The temperature today is in the 50s, which might require another run tonight, if the cold snap in the forecast doesn't come too early. This weather, despite the wetness, is a gift to cold climate runners. You just can't pass up this opportunity.

I'm happy to report that I have yet to run in anything but shorts this late autumn. Shoes, however, have become commonplace, as I don't care for the feeling of running in wet socks, and I'm too chicken to go barefoot in temperatures below 45 degrees.

If it's dry after work, though, I might have to get in one last barefoot run before winter closes the door on my footwearless season.

With this year nearly at its end, I'm already starting to sketch out my running plans for 2012. This year's goals were hit-and-miss as usual, but I'll recap those in a later post. That said, I'm hoping to make up for some shortfalls next year.


BrianFlash said...

I also am toying with the idea of a final shoeless run for the year. Seems to be marginally warm enough but it has been raining...

Nitmos said...

Just got back from a nice 7 miler, in shorts, at 53 degrees. Did I mention it was nice? If I didn't, well, it was nice. Go enjoy yourself a nice run too.

Sun Runner said...

"if the cold snap in the forecast doesn't come too early"

Better's already down to 50 here from 55 only a few hours ago. :(