Friday, December 16, 2011

Flashback Friday: About Those Goals

With two weeks left in the year, it's a pretty safe bet that I won't be achieving any more goals this year. Yes, you've stumbled into one of those "looking back" posts. It is Flashback Friday, after all.

Way back on Jan. 3, I spelled out the things I hoped to achieve. Just so you don't have to go back and read that post again, here's what I wrote.
The Requisite Goal SectionAs we enter the new year, we all feel the need to make new goals. In the past, I've made grand and specific goals. This year, my goal is to be a "better" runner and teammate.
Enthusiasm: The Enthusiast is embarking on her first half marathon in May, and my goal is to help her get there. Notice, I didn't say "coach her there." Instead, I plan to be a dedicated training partner and fan. She has been my biggest fan, and now it's my turn.
Attitude: I've never been one of those annoying happy runners you see, and I likely never will be, but I'd like to be more upbeat about running. While I do obsess a bit about my stats, it really shouldn't be my focus when I'm a solid mid-pack runner. The reason why I run is not to gloat about numbers, but to feel good physically and mentally. It's time to focus on the joy of running.
Bare essentials: What was I just saying about numbers? Last year, I hit a point where I had nearly logged 10 percent of my total mileage without shoes. This year, I'd like to make that a reality by adding more barefoot runs to me routine. Of course, I'll wait until spring to doff my footwear.
Marathon: The Akron Marathon falls just two weeks after the Enthusiast and I get married. I probably would have passed on it this year if running it for the fifth consecutive year didn't mean I get VIP "Legacy" status. Last year, I finally broke the four-hour mark. I'll try that again.
Redux: I didn't even come close to doing it last year, but I'd still like to try to run 20 miles per week for the whole year. I've already failed at this goal once, won't cry about it if I do it again this year.
Now, how'd I do?

Enthusiasm: Well, Mrs. Viper's first half marathon became a DNB. This just wasn't the right time.
Goal Grade: Incomplete.

Attitude: Judging by the ridiculously small number of miles I ran this year (oops, there's those stats again), I'd say I didn't focus much on running at all in 2011. My experience during the Akron Marathon, however, showed me the joy being part of the running community.
Goal Grade: C for coming along.

Bare essentials: Had I run barefoot last night like I said I might (coughstoryofmylifecough), I would have 100 miles of running barefoot this year. As it stands now, I have run 18 percent of my total mileage without footwear. Last year, I ran 71 miles barefoot, whereas I've run 97 miles this year.
Goal Grade: A for awesomepants.

Marathon: Well, I ran the Akron Marathon as planned, so that's something. I was a bit shy of the the four-hour mark, but I nailed my "married PR."
Goal Grade: B for better than nothing.

Redux: Do I really need to say anything about averaging 20 miles per week this year?
Goal Grade: F for failed so hard.

What are my goals for next year? Well, you'll just have to come back for that post.

Back Talk
Wherein some people don't know how to count.

Jamoosh doesn't think much of my new (since ended) streak: "Can there really be a streak of one? Regardless, congrats on ending one streak; just don't start another of the same ilk."

Answer: No, there can't be a streak of one, as a "streak" denotes a series. Thankfully, I ran serially Friday and Saturday for a two-day streak of runs.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates! Have a finely brewed weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!

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Jamoosh said...

You had two life changing events in 2011 - marriage and a new house (if you count running with me I guess that would be three, but we'll leave that off the table for now). Thus, you may have been a little hard on yourself as far as attitude goes.