Monday, December 12, 2011

Two Streaks Broken

One streak died at the start of another. The second streak died shortly thereafter.

That's right, teammates, I'm talking about that 20-day runless streak I had going up until Friday afternoon, when I finally slipped outside for a short run around my new neighborhood.

The very next day, I ran again, trying to wear out Dobson before our house warming and Christmas tree trimming party. While the run was successful for me, the dog still had enough energy to attempt herding the children who were in attendance. He passed out as soon as it was just adults remaining.

Sunday, however, was the end of my brief running streak. My motivation to run has returned, though, and I expect to gather a few miles this week when I can.

In addition to my short runs, I have been diligent with my core strength exercises. After each run, I performed a combination of 20-pound dumbbell curls and chair dips or push-ups and sit-ups.

My goal this winter is no new holiday heft. Maintaining my weight will be a major challenge with all the holiday cheer, but I'm determined avoid any gain.


misszippy said...

End of streaks can be good sometimes! Good luck with the winter weight challenge..never easy!

Anonymous said...

Can there really be a streak of one? Regardless, congrats on ending one streak; just don't start another of the same ilk.

Carolina John said...

I stumbled across a new challenge recently that you might be interested in. 500 pushups in one hour. Do 10 pushups every minute for the first 30 minutes, then 7 pushups a minute for the last half hour. Merely attempting that regularly will keep the core strong and the holiday heft gone.

B. Jarosz said...

Welcome back to running! :)