Thursday, October 13, 2011

Straining to Go Slow

A five-mile slog through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park along the Towpath felt like a sprint. In the end, an average pace of more than 10 minutes per mile proved that speed has abandoned this vessel.

Within a four-person group, the effort felt intense. However, it had been just the fourth run since the Akron Marathon for two of us, a third was just off a half marathon this past weekend, and the fourth was hacking and wheezing the whole way.

The only motivation to finish strong was the realization that I had beer at home. Get done. Get back. Get clean. Then get drinking.

Widmer Bros. Pitch Black IPA
Behold, Pitch Black IPA by Portlandia-based Widmer Bros. This 6.5 percent ABV, oxymoronic dark pale ale provides a hoppy nose, but the finish lacks the bitterness typically associated with a traditional IPA.

The beer pours as black as a porter or stout with a half-inch of fizzy light brown head. The taste is slightly sweet with hints of citrus. The overall character is a nice balance between sweet malts and bitter hops.

Black IPA is also known as American Black Ale or Cascadian Dark Ale.

How does it rate compared to Pabst Blue Ribbon, you ask? If PBR ranks a 10 on your scale, then you're more moronic than I thought. The Pitch Black IPA is quite drinkable and well worth further research.


Jamoosh said...

The Pitch Black IPA is indeed a brew worthy of his Viperness!

Nitmos said...

I hate it when I'm shut up before I even get to yap. Fortunately, I'm persistent and patient and my time will come again. Long Live Pabst! LLP!

B. Jarosz said...

Mmm... That sounds delicious.

Robin said...

I'm an IPA girl, but have never tried black ales. i will now. Thanks, Viper!