Monday, October 10, 2011

Not So Fast

Despite a beautiful weekend for running, I didn't make the time to run. Oh well. There is still nice weather on deck for this week. At the very least, I'll get out Wednesday for my weekly office group run.

While I might feel a bit of runner's guilt for not running, every marathon entitles one to indulge in some heartfelt slacking off. I can't claim recovery as my reasoning because my legs feel awesome, but running 26.2 miles two weeks ago is reason enough to "rest." (Quotes are needed when actual rest is not.)

No matter. The procrastinator's mantra reigns supreme around Team BHI headquarters. It's a beautiful day today, but I'll run tomorrow. I swear.


Jess said...

Sometimes a weekend demands other activities. Running will wait for you.

Carolina John said...

all those races over the weekend and you could resist? Wow, that takes some willpower.