Friday, July 22, 2011

Flashback Friday: Rest Days, the Best Days

The heat is on, as Glen Frey would say. The temperatures have been in the high 90s the last few days, with a heat index above 100. And let's not forget the humidity. The weather has been oppressive, especially Thursday and today. Thankfully, my revised training plan had these days marked as off days.

If I'm lucky, the weather this weekend will be much friendlier for my half-a-long-run jaunt Saturday before my long run Sunday. At any rate, I'll have to wake up early to avoid sole-burning hot pavement or wear some sort of protection on my feet.

Just a short walk in this weather makes me thankful that I didn't plan to run today.

Back Talk
Wherein we repeat what we say when wherein we repeat what we say. 

Nitmos isn't afraid of incessantly repeating himself regarding going barefoot: "You know what would have prevented those overwhelmingly unpleasant sensations? Shoes."

Answer: And what would have prevented those unpleasant blisters I got Wednesday when I was too self conscious to go barefoot with a short run with my coworkers on Wednesday? Bare feet.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates. Have a finely brewed weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


Nitmos said...

You know what would have prevented those blisters? Not shoes.

Xenia said...

You know what would have prevented those blisters? Compeed blister pads. Those things are blessings, especially when I have to break in a new pair of non-running shoes.

michael said...

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