Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puddle Pusher

My running is like night and day, as in I ran last night and then again this morning.

Rains drenched my neighborhood route, and I had to be careful not to create friction and cause blisters on my soles. The last time I tried a wet barefoot run was not nearly as successful as my four-miler last night.

The way I thought about my stride was after my foot landed, I then pulled it backward as I lifted for the next stride. This mentality seemed to prevent me from pushing off.

The wet terrain, however, forced me to slow down and pushed me over a 10-minute mile pace.

This morning, the Enthusiast and I woke up for another round at the par course. We're both seeing improvements in the more difficult exercises, which should translate to some nice toning if we keep it up.

The combination of the two runs puts me ahead on my planned mileage this week, as I kick off a revised 10-week training schedule that I hope will get me ready for the Buckeye Half and Akron Marathon.

Although the new plan is conservative and only includes one 20-miler, I'm hoping the barefooting and trail runs well make up for some of the lacking mileage. Hope in one hand and shit in the other ...


BrianFlash said...

No doubt you'll be able to get enough miles in to finish. Setting a PR? Who knows but the run is the thing!

Carolina John said...

Sounds cool V! getting out on trails usually means more hillwork, and that should make up for any lack of miles no problem. Have fun.