Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reminder to Legs

Yesterday's four-miler was my first run of the week, following a successful first week of my rehashed 10-week Akron Marathon "Just Get There" training plan.

I was supposed to run Monday, but my legs didn't wanna. Sunday's long run reminded my body what it's like to run far in the heat. On top of that, I was trying out my new Invisible Shoes for the first time. (I'll have more on those at a later date.) My quads and calves complained for the next two days, upset with the sudden return to intense training.

My legs were still a bit sore and lethargic last night, but they managed an OK pace while my lungs endured consistent chatting with my coworker.

Tonight needs to be a makeup day to get in those lost miles from Monday, but I'm feeling confident in this second week of the revamped training plan, a slow and steady buildup to the Akron Marathon without any backoff weeks and a short taper. I'm not scared, but my legs kinda are.

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BrianFlash said...

Are you considering Gallowagging in Akron? When I head into a long race undertraining, I think it works as a strategy.

The heat has killed my long runs this summer so my effort at Quad Cities will most likely be a run/walk kind of thing.