Monday, May 9, 2011

Running into a Wall

My legs were starting to feel like raspberry jelly after about three miles of up and down trails at Sand Run. The Mingo trail was kicking my ass when I came to where it crossed the multipurpose path. With time running out and my legs wanting to give out, I made the hard left from the rough trail onto the crushed limestone path.

Suddenly, I felt as if I were at the track, accidentally sprinting the next mile to where I could rejoin the trails and finish my run. My legs felt invigorated with the fast pace, the steep hills forgotten.

When I crossed the bridge and then the road to get back on the trails, my legs were shocked and awed. The steep hills did not care to be forgotten. It was if I had run into the Berlin Wall. ("Tear down this wall!") My legs would only let me walk the uphills.

However, when I finished my run, I had logged my second consecutive double-digit mileage week. Already, May's mileage is just six miles from surpassing April's total.

Cross Training Court
Saturday, the Enthusiast and I decided to start a new ritual by visiting our local tennis courts and hitting the ball around. She tried to get me to warm up by doing walking lunges, but my knees don't care for that. We swatted balls back and forth for a good half-hour. By yesterday afternoon, we were both feeling the aftereffects. We're planning another tennis match tonight after work. Hopefully, she won't kick my ass this time.

Remember Sun Screen
I had to wake up early to run Sunday because the Enthusiast's brother was graduating college. We had beautiful weather for a change, and the ceremony was held outdoors. Today I'm nursing my first sunburn of the season. This is a good reminder that we runners should remember to slather on the SPF to avoid the skin cancers.

Almost a Habit
Almost like clockwork now, I woke up this morning to run three miles. I'm looking forward to Wednesday as the weather forecast looks favorable for a dawn barefoot run, with overnight lows in the upper 50s. I'm too chicken to try it any colder than that.


B.o.B. said...

Good for you on the tennis. I'm so uncoordinated. That's why I stick to the non-ball sports. Heh.

Jess said...

SPF is a must! Ever since my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer, I have been ever-so-vigilant with the sunscreen.