Thursday, May 12, 2011

Not Dead Yet

This week has provided some fine weather and even some heat. Real, live, heat. Heat so hot, in fact, my feet got a little blistered during last night's barefoot three-miler. It's clear I wasn't lifting my left foot fast enough to avoid the hot spots on my big toe and on the outside of the pad. I blame my cold.

Of course, I got sick on Tuesday, the nicest day of the year. Warm, but with a cool breeze to keep it from getting too hot. Virtually no humidity. Certainly not a day to spend in bed, wrapped in blankets, contemplating your last will and testament.

But that's just what I did, calling off work with a fever and stuffy sinuses. The Enthusiast made me some Greek potion that she called tea. My fever broke that night, but I still felt lethargic and my nose ran non-stop all day yesterday. I was hoping the run after work would finish off the illness by sweating out the toxins and clearing out my nose.

The late afternoon sun wore me down fast. I was feeling the blisters halfway through. I was beyond failsafe. Nothing left to do but finish the run.

My foot is still a bit tender today. My noise has stopped its incessant running. All in all, I feel much better.

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Ironman By Thirty said...

So it was you that got me sick. Thanks for that. Seriously, I woke up with barbed wire shoved down my throat on Tuesday. Head still feels like a beach ball, but I am finally getting over it.

Hope you are feeling better as well.