Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You're Right. Fuck it.

Yesterday, I was so full of hope. Or maybe I was just full of shit. They're very similar -- hope and shit -- you know.

Nitmos, the grammatically challenged Xenia, Ironman by Thirty Kevin, and even Barefoot Josh exposed my plan to surpass 1,000 miles this year as pointless and improbable.

Instead, I should rest on my laurels, having nailed down PRs in the 5K, half marathon and marathon. I should realize that I'm not going to run more than 3.9 miles a day for the rest of the year. I should realize that I should continue to work on my form to get better next year.

I had an epiphany that it's not the year's final mileage that makes a difference, but rather the miles logged in training leading up to my goal races. However, I'm still trying figure out what all these confusing numbers mean.

My mileage the day before the Akron Marathon this year was 747. Surprisingly, the year before it was 787. My stats for September last year are actually better in every facet but the race results this year. Comparing August stats -- the peak month of my marathon training -- I still ran more miles in August 2009 than I did this year, but I logged a higher weekly total and faster average pace, bolstered by my half marathon PR.

So what did I do differently this year? My training paces suffered because instead of running fast on the track like last year, I was running hard on the trails. My weekly mileage peaked higher this year with two more 20-milers, but I also included additional weeks when I backed off to rest. I logged 9 percent of my miles barefoot prior to the race in the effort to strengthen my legs and improve my stride. Another factor might be the change in race scheduling with the Buckeye Half Marathon moved to the end of August this year instead of two weeks before the Akron Marathon like in all previous years.

Already my thoughts are percolating ideas for my training next year, when I'll be training for the 2011 Akron Marathon amid The Enthusiast-Viper Wedding Extravaganza. Our wedding is two weeks before the race. Next year will be my fifth consecutive time running the Akron Marathon, which would give me "legacy" status. Otherwise, I might have just said, "fuck it."


Xenia said...

Geez, you're getting mellow in your old age. Would you have risen to the bait if I had said I would eat my hat if you hit a 1,000 miles for the year?

Jamoosh said...

OK, what exactly is getting fucked?

Nitmos said...

Is the wedding moveable? That seems like an inconvenient time for it.

barefootjosh said...

I didn't mean to suggest you couldn't get to 1000; it would be pretty cool if you said fuck it and ran a bunch to make the goal, too. Either way, you've done plenty this year.

Re less miles, I wouldn't read too much into it. You ran the miles when it counted. Of course I'm biased, but I think your form focus and barefoot running played a large part in your success.

Carolina John said...

you suck.