Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Slacking the Final Big Week So Far

My quads were achy from the Buckeye Half Marathon, and I've been getting together with friends instead of running my five-mile recovery run. Now it's Wednesday and a 10-mile tempo run is on deck. So much for that five-miler -- at least for now.

Oh, hey, it's September. August contained my highest ever weekly mileage. Four weeks remain until the Akron Marathon. It's almost taper time. Here is last month's statistical rundown:
  • Total Miles: 156 miles (17 runs)
  • Highest Weekly: 50 miles
  • Average Weekly: 39 miles
  • Average Pace: 9:50.93 per mile
  • Longest/Fastest Run: 13.1 miles @ 7:57 pace
  • The Monthly Dif: +5 miles (151 miles in July)
My average speed finally got below 10 minutes per mile. Time for the final push for peak performance at the end of the month.


misszippy said...

Hey--I must have missed your post about the 1/2, but just saw your time in your sidebar. Congrats! That bodes well for your marathon...

Tricia said...

great job on the miles

Andrew Opala said...


Jess said...

Strong August totals!

Spike said...

Excellent numbers!!!

Barefoot Johnny O said...

You are awesome dude! You'll do great at the RR Marathon.