Monday, July 12, 2010

The Run Home

My work office is right along the Towpath Trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The Towpath also passes very close to my home, as the trail winds along the Cuyahoga River on the old Ohio and Erie Canalway. I've often dreamed of using this path as a commuter route. Today is the day.

After a megabusy weekend, I decided to delay Sunday's 16-miler. After work, I'll don my running apparel and run home. However, I need to add three miles, as the direct route is about 13 miles. I have included a short detour from the Towpath to swing past the historic Hale Farm and Village, and then a short loop around my neighborhood after I climb up Memorial Parkway.

This should be a fun and scenic trek, despite thunderstorms in the weather forecast. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find my watch, so I hope I do a good job of staying on pace. It should take me between 2:36:00 and 2:44:00. Honey, I'll be home around 8 p.m.

Despite the delayed long run, marathon training has continued to go well.

Akron Marathon Training Week 6:
  • Wednesday was a double-trouble day, dealing with a heatwave and "deep butt" pain during a four-mile recovery run (10:06 pace) in the morning to flush out Week 5 and a six-mile tempo run (8:23 pace) that afternoon.
  • Thursday was a barefoot three-miler on scorching pavement (9:04 pace) and the last time I saw my watch.
  • Saturday was a solid eight-miler at race pace (~9:00 pace).
  • Sunday's planned 16-miler will be today.
My weekly total was 21, but it should have been 37. Considering my training week didn't start until Wednesday, I'll be counting today's run for last week. After wrapping up my Week 6 mileage, training Week 7 will include a seven-mile midweek run at marathon pace, a short hilly run, another race pace run of nine miles, and an 18-miler for a total of 41 miles. That's two miles shy of last year's peak.


Jamoosh said...

Well I certainly hope you enjoy the run home and the Enthusiast is awaiting your return, beer in hand, (for you) of course.

Jess said...

Enjoy the run home! I like point-to-point runs; they seem more satisfying than loops or out and backs because it feels as though you're running to ACTUALLY get somewhere. Novel concept. Plus, your path sounds scenic.

Ironman By Thirty said...

At least you are running home from work rather than to work. Both because running home has to be mentally easier and for the sake of your fellow employees.

Good luck!!

Nitmos said...

Another solid week. I have mileage envy. But that is the extent of my "envys" going your way.

EZEthan said...

Isn't it awesome to hit your last years "peak" so early in the training cycle... same thing is happening to me... whenever I feel down about my training I just look back to last year and realize how far I've progressed!