Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Knowing When to Quit

Pain is one of the best teachers we runners have. If you feel it, you're doing something wrong. Last night's trek home from work taught me a few cruel lessons.

Yesterday was hot and humid with thunderstorms in the forecast. Rain would have provided a welcome relief, but the clouds never cracked while I was out there sweltering. My scenic trek included two long stretches without much cover from the sun.

I was prepared to hydrate properly, sucking down water at work and carrying my handheld on the run. I was not prepared with proper fuel. Lunch did not provide enough calories to power my body for almost three hours.

My legs started to cramp by the 10th mile or so. The run was supposed to be 16 miles, but I'd had enough at 14. The heat, humidity and lack of proper fueling had gotten the better of me. After trying to climb the Memorial Parkway hill back home, I swallowed my pride and called the Enthusiast for a ride.

I knew I made the right decision when I got home. I grabbed a granola bar and started mixing a protein shake while I drew a cool bath. I was feeling hot and lightheaded and nauseous. I needed to cool down and consume some calories fast.

There was a rare Coca-Cola in the fridge, and I asked the Enthusiast to bring it to me as I stumbled to the bathtub. Within a few moments, my temperature was down and the cold cola had revived my energy.

Sometimes we all need a reminder of how to prepare for a run.

Bad Blood, Good Beer
As you can imagine, I've just about had it with all the LeBron James news. I wasn't even going to mention his leaving Cleveland for Miami, but then the news became relevant to Booze Hounds. Great Lakes Brewing Co. will release a LeBron-themed beer to commemorate the Cavaliers' former star player.

Behold: Quitness! Described as "really bitter" ale, this brew will only be available at the Great Lakes brewpub for a limited time.

[Drunkard's note: Thanks to Gin for the link.]


misszippy said...

Smart move to call the run short! The heat definitely can sneak up on a runner.

Too funny about the beer--you'll have to let us know how it is.

Jess said...

Ha, that's funny about the James inspired beer. I don't follow basketball, but the people here in South Florida are out of their minds excited about James choosing to come here.

I was actually thinking of your run this morning and wondering how the heat at that time of day treated you. Sorrycvx xzsdZX D;;;;

Ooops, that last bit was Norah. But her sentiments were the same as mine: Sorry the heat cut it short, but good call on cancelling part of it.

Vava said...

Nice! Both on the 14 miler with the smart decision to stop and on the Lebron beer. They're a bit late on the Quitness - he quit on the Cavs back in the Celtics series. If things don't go according to his preconceived fantasy in Miami he'll quit on the Heat as well. Great player; better quiter.

BTW: Is his "house" on the market yet? I'm curious to know what the asking price is. (A case of Quitness, me thinks...)

Jess said...

Smart decision to head home when you did. Glad you were able to cool down and start to feel better.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Love the beer!

Glad you knew better to call the run than be found passed out on the path.