Friday, May 29, 2009

Flashback Friday: Hindsight Hope

I figured I'd give you most of the week to digest that TLDR post on the 5-k I ran. Also, I haven't run since then so why bother writing?

In the next week, I must devise a training plan for the Akron Marathon. The last four weeks, thanks to the Very Funny-Viper Challenge, have supplied me with decent base mileage. Having not run the Cleveland Half Marathon as I have the past two years, I also should have fresher legs for what will likely be my only marathon this year. However, there are three races and a dumb plan to throw in the mix before Akron's race day, Sept. 26.

Under 50
First on the docket is my annual return to the Kent United Way/Davey Tree 10-K, the site of my first-ever race, the site of three consecutive PRs and the site where I invented the Puke Threshold (a post which I link to so often that you should have it bookmarked by now). The Puke Threshold was surpassed last year when I attempted to break the 50-minute barrier, a feat I plan on accomplishing this year.

Buckeye Best
The Buckeye Half Marathon is always two weeks from the Akron Marathon, which makes it a perfect tuneup race. Last year, I achieved my goal of beating an hour and 50 minutes by setting my current PR of 1:49:09. My goal is to beat that time, but with a calculated effort to be ready for the big race.

Sub Four
The third race on my schedule will be my third attempt at Akron. My goal? Beat four hours. I couldn't do it last year. I must solve the hills and run a strategic race.

Rescheduled Solstice
The dumb plan is a rehashed version of the 2008 Summer Solstice Challenge. Martini wants to do another personal ultra-marathon, but neither of us can run on the actual solstice this year so we must find a different date. Last year, we planned to run 40 miles, but ran only (only?) 26. This year, we will scale back our plans with hopes of actually achieving the distance. Preliminary diagnostics show a possible 30-miler along the Towpath.

Back Talk
Wherein I would have metaphorically eviscerated your comments had you provided me with anything halfway clever.

You're Your comments didn't warrant any back talk. Do better next week.

[Drunkard's note: Yes, I'm too dumb to know the difference between "you're" and "your." I'll do better next week.]

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates. Have a fine weekend and good luck to any racers out there. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


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Vanilla said...

"You're comments didn't warrant any back talk. Do better next week."What a copout! Not to mention a misuse of the word you're. You're an idiot.

Sun Runner said...

We may yet meet head to head, my friend...Akron is my top prospect for a fall race at the moment. I'll drag you kicking and screaming past that 4:00 barrier yet.

Jess said...

Nobody said anything worthy of "balktalk"?! Wow, we do need to do better. I'm gonna go contemplate possible insults.

Xenia said...

How about having a July 4th: The British Are Coming! run fest?

Re: your comment on my last post...
I just checked your archives--your bday isn't for another two weeks, so why should I have wished you a happy one already?

You might want to consider laying off the sauce whilst blogging, cartoon boy.