Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Targeting Computer Switched On

I see the beast. I have it in my sights. My could-be final race of the year.

I am now signed up to race a 5-K this Sunday. I will finally close the book on Vanilla's infernal Shave Your 5-K Challenge. I need to break 25:37, my "stubble" time, but I want to break 23:28, the PR I set in May.

Since I haven't done any track work in three weeks, I figured I'd knock out a few 800s tonight to let my knees know exactly how fast they'll need to drive. The only problem is the sky dropped its first significant snow last night, and there's a 90 percent chance of more snow throughout the day, which could add another two to five inches.

The track has to be covered. And if it's not now, it will be.

Some of you are no doubt thinking, Why not run inside? Some of you are dullards. You have not been paying much attention to my running habits. I don't do treadmills and I don't do inside.

That said, tonight's running adventure should be more treacherous than usual. The Viper will attempt at least three 800-meter intervals at an outside track. I've already taken one somewhat environment-related fall in the last week. Odds are I'm in for another one. Place your bets below.


Anonymous said...

sounds like it's time to break-out with the screw shoes... Good luck on shaving your' peach fuzz.

Sun Runner said...

Running on a snow-covered track SUCKS. If you attempt to do so, don't be surprised if your split times blow.

That being said, if there's one thing worse than trying to run fast intervals on a crusty track, it's running them indoors on a treadmill. 10 x 400 on a treadmill, just kill me now.

Oh, AND? STFU about UM. Might I remind you that OSU doesn't have the Big 10 championship in the bag, and I'm certainly not going to be rooting for Michigan State to beat Penn State this weekend so they can.

Additionally, YOU NEVER KNOW, UM might pull off the upset of the century and beat OSU this weekend. Not very likely, but IT COULD HAPPEN. ;)

Good luck at the track.

Ian said...

I'm setting the over/under on the number of laps you run before you slip or fall at 5, and I'm taking the under.

Unknown said...

Time to put thick spikes under your kicks !!! That ought to do the tricks !!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Get some YakTrax. I love them. They keep me running all winter in all kinds of conditions.

C said...

I'm going to say you'll eat snow-covered track before completing your third 800m.

Brooke said...

Excuses excuses..Stop blaming falling down on the weather. Last week it was wet leaves and uneven pavement, this week potential snow and ice..I'm going to wager you're going down on the second 800. I've been pretty lucky lately, so be careful! ;)

Unknown said...

I'm with Steve. YakTrax are amazing.

Vava said...

Does that mean you are NOT sure- footed as a mountain goat?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You're one of those Blame-the-Environment-Firster? I never would have guessed.

The real culprit? Gravity. But of course the truth about this (irony alert) never gets any traction because Big Gravity, Inc. buys off or crushes anyone who tries to Tell The People.

And so this "It's the environment, stupid" canard lives on.

Good luck. (Remember: Slippery When Wet. JBJ knows.)

tfh said...

Snow's better than ice. I think your previous fall actually lowered your odds of having another this week. I'm going with no fall.

To make up for my optimism regarding your balance and coordination, however, there's this: 3 x 800 is a sissy workout. You need the snow to make it worthwhile.

Nitmos said...

*Fingers crossed hoping you fall*

Anonymous said...

Ooh, please tell me you'll be taping this? Speed work on snow sounds like it equals money on funniest home videos (my boys would think so anyways LOL).

nwgdc said...

While th eweather may suck, don't worry:
1. It's gonna get worse.
2. Despite their best efforts to lose the game, the Browns were playing a team that just wanted to lose a little more.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO at Nitmos! Oooooo that's just mean!

Wait, so how do you roll in the winter? Please don't tell me sans YakTrax (or whatever gripping dealy)