Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday: Terror-rific Edition

See what happens when you don't run fast?
Happy Halloween!

You know what's scary? My tempo run last night. It was scary as heck!

First of all, it was dark. And the temperature was chilling.

The trees clacked together in a spooky rendition of the "Purple People Eater." And then, it was all deserted because all those pansy runners are apparently scared of the dark.

Creatures in the woods made rustling noises as they stalked their prey (squirrels and chipmunks and birds -- oh my!). And my pace was eerily similar to my last three tempo runs, right at 9:07 per mile.

Back Talk
What's really spooky is how the quality of comments this week has been so poor.

Ms. V was not impressed with my detox run: "Sorry about the headache. Hasn't anyone taught you about aspirin before bedtime? ... amateur!"

Answer: Amateur? The amateur drinks himself under the table and spends the next day in bed. A professional deals with the occasional headache in stride.

Jess had an idea of why I've been so slow: "Maybe you're getting your period."

Answer: Boy, I hope not. I don't think I can afford the therapy.

Nic is guilty of annoying others with his running by recounting his last race, which was just 50 miles: "You'll be happy to know my wife was positive I was hungover on Sunday morning. I told her I ran 50 MILES and THAT was causing my headache, mild nausea, and car sickness on the way home."

Answer: If that's true, too bad. I don't think hair of the dog works in that situation.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us! Enjoy your weekend. Good luck to you racers out there. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


chia said...

Happy weekend to you mate!

Running is the only therapy, no worries if you're spotting :-P

Ian said...

That comment by Jess was the funniest thing I read here at BHI all week.

Have a great weekend!

C said...

Jess' comment was freaking gold.

Happy Halloween!

nwgdc said...

I hate to be the third person to leave the same comment, especially after being chastised for a bad comment in a prior post, but Jess' coment was abso-freaking-lutely perfect.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'm currently hydrating after wayyy too much beer tonight.

(I'm still in celebration mood after last weekend. How long do I continue?)

Ms. V. said...

I can only add that I'm impressed that you know the Purple People Eater. I actually dressed up as that as a 2nd grader. In 1966.

Marcy said...

So you mean we aren't in sync with the periods? Damn!