Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fantastically Sick

After fighting a virtual crusade against germs these past few weeks, my body has finally succumb to some form of death lite. My fever has subsided to the point where I might actually run tonight and sweat out this vicious beast. But then again, I might just DNB that too.

Since I'm feeling so unsmurfy today I'm mailing it in. (As opposed to whatever the heck else I do other days.)

A few weeks ago in the last installment of Flashback Friday, I wrote about my prized prizes from this season's races. In a similar vein, that same day I drafted the following post on my celebrated post-race celebrations. Well, today, that draft becomes post. So, excuse me while I go find the only thing that will cure this monster and enjoy whatever I wrote a couple weeks ago.

Top 3 Post-Race Celebrations:

3. Frostbite 4-Mile Prediction Run, February 2007: It was minus-3 degrees at the start and Martini and I were in dire need of a warm up. We procured a small bottle of cognac and sat drinking it in my car in the parking lot after the race. We decided it was too damned cold for that and headed to his apartment to finish it off before improving our drunk at one of the nearby bars. (And by nearby, I mean directly beneath his place.)

2. Kent 10K, July 2006: This race coincides with my hometown's annual Fourth of July celebration. I met up with some old friends at one of the many bars in town. (Is it a surprise that the Viper's hometown boasts more bars per capita than any other city in Ohio?) I drank several pitchers of Labatt Blue, spilled a beer all over an acquaintance, bought a gyro from one of the street vendors, chowed down on some random front lawn before I stumbled home.

1. Akron Marathon, September 2007: Not only did I have my first marathon to celebrate, but it was also Martini's another good friend's birthday that weekend. Ommegang Abbey Ale, Bell's Kalimazoo Stout, Goose Island 312 and miscellaneous others kept me numb and standing until midnight. More than once I heard, "I can't believe you're still standing."

All right now go away I'm sick.


Anonymous said...

today marks 3 weeks since i've run because of sickness. well, i blame it on the sickness but really, i'm just a loser. tomorrow i go to an ear, nose & throat specialist to hopefully get the hearing back in my left ear for the first time in a week and a half.
i hope you have better luck than i.

remember, beer has hops. hops contain antioxidants. antioxidants contribute to your overall well-being. i'll drink to your health!

Unknown said...

Try a shot of Jagermeister. It will do the wonder!

B. Kramer said...

Thanks for the suggestions, gentlemen. I'm headed straight for the Scotch.

Laura said...

Hey Viper - after remembering what an awesome time I had last year the Boilermaker 15K (sponsored by a brewery, so you get all-you-can-drink beer at the finish), I wanted to find other races with great post-race parties. Of course, I immediately thought of this post, which I vaguely remembered. However, I realized it's more about places to BYOB where you had a good time. Do you know of any great races like the Boilermaker that would be worth traveling to just for the party? Any distance is fine.