Friday, November 16, 2007

Flashback Friday

My racing season is all but over, so I figured I'd take stock of what I've come away with from my six races this year. And I mean that literally. Aside from igniting my thirst-buds, free swag is my favorite thing about racing. Herewith are my Top Five Race Souvenirs and why I dig 'em:
  1. Finishing Medal from the Akron Road Runner Marathon: While the medal is a handsome chunk of metal, I love this souvenir for the simple fact that it's my first marathon. It's hard to beat that. The medal commemorates the fifth Akron Marathon and has a nice heft to it, so much so that I had to remove it during my post-race celebration because it kept clanking against my glass when I reached for my beer. I feared a wrecking ball situation and was in no condition to bend down to pick up broken glass.
  2. Finishing Medal from the Cleveland Rite Aid Half Marathon: In at a close second, my first half marathon. This is a pretty sweet medal marking the 30th year of the race. As you all are aware, Cleveland is the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the city capitalizes on "Cleveland Rocks" at the drop of a hat (e.g., "Cleveland Rocks & Runs"). This medal is a cloisonne design of the race logo with a free-spinning guitar set in the middle. It's only flaw is that it wasn't for the full marathon.
  3. Buckeye Half Marathon hoodie: Of all the race clothing I've gotten, I wear this the most. Wore it last night, in fact. This is by far the nicest clothing item I've gotten at a race. it's warm and it looks good, with a yellow logo printed on a dark green hoodie.
  4. Akron Road Runner Marathon Brooks long sleeve technical shirt: If you know the rules, you know why this shirt ranks highly for this cold weather, night runner. A plain white shirt with a simple design of the race logo on the breast.
  5. Cleveland Half Marathon T-shirt: I appreciate a good T-shirt. The color is a nice ... light brown? Tan? Khaki? Olive? One of those colors they made up so I'd be colorblind. It has the race logo on the breast and a guitar outlining a montage of runners on the back.
Dishonorable mention: Kent (Ohio) Heritage Fest Davey Tree United Way 10K & 5K T-shirt. U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi -- you ugly.

Reasons to Drink
OSU-Michigan football game, go Bucks! Cleveland Browns-Baltimore Ravens football game, go Brownies! Plus, two parties to attend, go Team Drunk! Run well and drink well this weekend teammates.

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