Monday, November 19, 2007


The Cleveland Plain Dealer had an interesting feature on Case Western Reserve University women's All-American cross country runner Esther Erb on Saturday. Case finished sixth of 32 schools at the Division III NCAA Cross Country Championships this weekend. Erb, a senior, finished 27th overall. She plans to attempt a pro career after she graduates.

However, what really caught my eye was the ending:
"A runner peaks at about a 10-year time frame from the point they started," [Case cross country coach Kathy] Lanese said. "She has so much potential for growth."
So, in about eight years I'll hit my stride. I'm already making my race plans for 2015-2017. I'll go ahead and plan to BQ. I figure that should be an easy win. The 2016 Olympics should be fun, especially if Chicago wins its bid for the games. Comrades? Why not? Yep, good times.

[Drunkard note: This fine photo was the first result of an image search for "damn good runner." In about eight years, it will probably be my face.]

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