Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let It All Out

Frustration has consumed my running life since the marathon. So now you're going to hear about it.
  • My hip injury has subsided and been replaced with a groin twinge. I'm tired of running three miles one day and having to take a couple days off to heal. So, I'm not going to any more. Sorry, pal, toughen up.
  • Drivers, stop flashing your brights at me. I see you just fine and I'm nimble enough to dodge your shitty driving.
  • Why don't you try that other lever on the steering column and use your blinkers so I at least have a clue that you're about to turn in front of me?
  • But thank you for that half turn and stop, which let me know I should slow down, walk, then stop altogether. Oh, you were stopping for me? No, you go ahead. This is my seven-ninths of a mile rest point anyway.
  • Stupid autumn and its stupid falling leaves that cover up stupid fallen tree branches that make me trip and look stupid.
  • Hey, wino, would you mind smashing your bottle of Wild Irish Rose elsewhere? The glass sometimes gets stuck in my sole.
  • It would be nice if the Northern Hemisphere tilted back toward the sun. I really don't have as much expendable cash as you might think to spend on more reflective running gear or a headlamp for night running.
  • My running is not at marathon training level, but my appetite still is.
  • I'm still waiting for my 10 K.
  • The weather ... well, the weather has been pretty nice actually.
That is all. For now.


Ian said...

This is my seven-ninths of a mile rest point anyway. Funny. I hate it when drivers stop at the last second like they're doing you a favor. "Hey buddy, I've already stopped you might as well just go ahead and complete the turn!"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's gotta be my biggest pet peeve too. But the way you put it was hilarious...so hilarious I had to go get another beer!