Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Exorcism Run

My Just EFF It(c) attitude has paid off again. I figured I have been kind and gentle for too long to that kinky little Casper in my groin, causing me troubles. Last night, I let him have it with my short loop around the neighborhood. That nasty hill that has been forcing me to walk didn't attack me last night and I was able to run up it for the first time since the marathon. And I even felt a little faster.

Today, is Halloween. Just and FYI.

Watched that PBS Nova: Marathon Challenge last night. Not too bad. However, it didn't really delve much into the training or the personal stories. With just an hour-long program, it seems one or the other would have made it more inspiring or more informative.

Recovery beverage of the evening: Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale. This 5.9 percent ABV American IPA is a seasonal brew and has a smooth, even flavor -- not too hoppy or citrusy like some IPAs. It has been a pretty good year for Sierra Nevada. I recently had the Harvest Ale on tap, which is a fresh hop ale and is far superior to the Anniversary Ale with its 6.7 percent ABV.

Scary movie recommendation: The Descent is pretty sweet. I don't like to ruin movies for others, but a quick recap is a group of female friends goes spelunking in the Appalachian Mountains. That sounds a little dirty doesn't it? Get the director's cut.

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