Thursday, November 1, 2007

Idiot Runner Is No Idiot

As you surely know, I am a fountain of running knowhow. Perusing the Information Super Highways for sage-like running wisdom is surely how you stumbled across the online home of the Booze Hounds Running Team.

You know that if you need training advice, this is the place to come for timely tips. I'm like your own personal, imaginary running partner, who is also super helpful in a very awesome way. That's why I am shocked -- as you too will be -- to learn that one of you (I'm not naming names or anything) found this uber relevant blog by Googling "Marathon Training for Idiots."

As I write this, Team BHI appears as the 31st result when searching for this phrase, so whoever this person is (you S.O.B.) had to do some digging to find me. Marathon training for idiots? Horsefeathers! I do not give advice to idiots. I also am not now nor have I ever been an idiot. I'm a drunk. Get it straight.

[Drunkard note: Last night's regularly schedule run was canceled due to Happy Hour.]

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