Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Hour -vs.- Running

We at the BHI Running Team like to promote an action-merits-reward training program. A healthy booze session following a good, hard run is the perfect recovery. As we like to say, booze reduces soreness and improves confidence. It's obvious that boozing and running go hand in hand. However, there are some occasions when you just can't do both.

A common scenario is near the end of a work day. As a night runner, I will usually plan on heading home to change into my fast clothes and knock out a few miles before darkness envelopes the streets. But around 4:42 some coworker sends a desperate blast e-mail:
If I don't have a drink soon, I'm going to turn this &#(%-ing office into a pile of blood. Thirsty?
Now, the dilemma: Do I forsake my comrade and ignore his plea for help? Or do I skip my run and go for a quick nip? Many times this equation has vexed me -- as I'm sure it has you. But fear not, teammates, we have the solution! Here are a few ways to avoid the guilt involved when forced to make this cruel decision ...

Take your speed work to the bar: Shots are the perfect replacement for sprints. Do enough of them and your body will feel comparably shredded. Your shot selection should reflect your training level. Ruby Slippers for the newbie. Irish Whisky for the more competitive sprinters. If you'd like to fly like an Olympian, try on these racing flats for size: one part Mezcal, one part Absinthe, chill, zang!

Is today an endurance day? Try beer intervals: I can chug a 22 oz. in about 5:27. If I can maintain that pace, I know I'll be in good shape. For a real challenge, go for negative splits.

Long runs are tough to replace. Tough, but not impossible. Swapping the long run for the long shift requires you to double the time it would take to complete the scheduled distance. You may not have enough time to get this session in after a work day. And if you do, you probably won't make it in tomorrow. Plan accordingly.

There is always the option of running to the bar. You'll need to stop in the bathroom for a quick sink bath. And good luck getting home. Make sure to have a ready comeback when some smartypants asks, What's with the get-up? At the very least, wear your running shoes to the pub to help the session go faster. Your mantra shall be, Light and effortless. Let the booze do the work.

[Drunkard note: I know what you're thinking 9:43 a.m.? Isn't that a little early to be thinking about booze? You're at the wrong site if you thought I'd say yes.]

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peter said...

That's one way to get a workout in, the old exercise your elbow routine. I just tell those youngsters new to running who whine about not having time on Friday nights anymore to hang with their old (soon to be ex) friends that it's simple--learn how to run hungover. Running isn't sposed to be easy, after all, otherwise it would be easy.