Monday, September 17, 2007

Bombed to Bonk

I took a vacation day from work Friday and used my time to drink myself to oblivion. Beer for lunch and a lot more for happy hour and afterward. Happy hour started for me at 4:30 Friday night, and I continued until midnight. Unfortunately, marathon drinking did not play nice with marathon training.

Saturday was going to be my last 20-miler. Nope. I did however run 14 along what I imagine will be the toughest part of the marathon course. I followed miles 12-24, which are very hilly and comprise the so-called "wall" at mile 20. It's also very scenic as it winds through two parks, past a golf course, through a ritzy neighborhood and the outskirts of downtown past my apartment and where my friends plan to cheer on Martini and me.

However, my escapades Friday night caught up to me at around the 11th mile of the run. I felt great up until that point, but beer-induced dehydration told my legs to eff off. At this point I still had delusions of a 20-miler, but once I started walking I knew I was done for. I made it back to my car and called it a day.

Sunday, I caught up on the miles I missed on Saturday. Surprisingly, I was pretty fast for six miles on a pair tired legs.

I wonder how fast I'll be when I take drinking out of the equation. We'll answer that question next week as the taper extends to my alcohol consumption during pre-race undrunk week.

Marathon Countdown: 11 days.

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