Thursday, September 13, 2007

Post-Race Recovery/Pre-Race Tapering

Last week was my last long week, which culminated in a poor showing at the Buckeye Half Marathon. This week, I start my taper, but I also took an extra day to recover from the race.

At least that's the excuse I came up with when I didn't feel like running on Tuesday.

In truth, I felt bummed out after my race-day performance. I felt sore. I felt unmotivated despite a huge as EFF need to relieve some work stress. I felt I had entered the running doldrums.

This weather had something to do with it. The hint of autumn sucker punched the region this week. Though I refuse to shut all my windows or turn off my fan, a chilly run seemed a bit no thanks.

That lasted all of one day. Last night, I ran a brisk three miles. I felt strong and fast, a feeling that washed away the aftertaste of a crumby race. Tonight, I plan to do the same. And this weekend will be my second and last 20-miler. This is what I call a taper?

Marathon Countdown: 15 days.

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