Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Akron Marathon Preview: Getting There

The Akron Marathon is 10 days away. My official registration confirmation arrived by e-mail yesterday morning so I guess we're past the failsafe point. The early jitters have set in.

Throughout my training I read all sorts of marathon preparation advice. Two constants are putting in the miles and staying healthy to get to the starting line. I've put in the miles and have started my taper, but I'm worried about that other part.

Today, my ankle is wrapped because it has been sore since my weekend runs. I've been downing Airborne and vitamins and whatever else I can find that might ward off this cold that keeps trying to tackle me.

Panic sets in: Should I take an extra day off from running? But what if I start untraining? What if I lose my mileage base? But then if I do run, what if I really hurt my ankle and can't recover? What if this cold doesn't go away? What if it's more than a cold? What if it's Lupus!?!

My favorite advice from my least favorite college professor is, "We'll get there." It's what he would say after he berated the whole class (or maybe just me) for mangling an assignment. I guess it was his way of keeping our (my) spirits up when the circumstances looked dire. So, I take comfort in those words as I sit here wondering if I have the stomach to saw through bone when I have to amputate my foot with a pocket knife and to whom I should bequeath my running shoes when these sniffles turn out to be H5N1.

Take a deep breath. We'll get there.

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