Thursday, September 27, 2007

Akron Marathon Preview: Hey, Jealousy

Not only did I just make an uncalled-for Gin Blossoms reference, but I'm sitting here all sweaty about it in a tiny Chicago hotel room in Lincoln Park. (Three cheers for business trips!) Ever since I got here yesterday afternoon, I've been watching all these uppity runners who can run while I've decided to rest my ankle until Saturday's marathon. I figure most of these show-offs are gearing up for the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 7. So, to feel better about my lazy ass, I did some ankle exercises and this! Well, part of it. And now I'm all sticky, thinking about a band I wish I could forget while all these jerks run by my Days Inn on the street below.

Marathon Countdown: 2 days ... TWO DAYS! One-two!

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