Friday, September 28, 2007

Akron Marathon Preview: One Day

The marathon is tomorrow. Expect a race report sometime afterward -- barring death. Bill Rodgers is in town for the race, which is pretty sweet. I haven't run since Monday, so I hope my ankle is ready. The Booze Hounds Running Team is dry and prepared for fluid replacement. Our colleagues in drunkery have staked out a spot along the course to provide a special BHI-sponsored fluid stop, complete with drunken fans and a special runners' cocktail. I'll be sure to report how well Martini and I finish those final four miles with a shot of vodka in the tank.

The Runner's Cocktail
When in the heat of battle, the runner knows that each stride counts. The Booze Hound Running Team member also knows just how important proper hydration is. But sometimes, he needs to replace some electrolytes too.

One part vodka
One part sports drink [Drunkard note: Martini and I have chosen Vitamin Water]

Pre-mix, sprint, sip and enjoy. When racing, have good friends stationed strategically to hand out beverage for the home stretch. Once the body starts digesting again, you'll already be a leg up on post-race festivities.

Flashback Friday
Last Friday, in a very long post that I'll save you from reading again, I mentioned that I don't run on treadmills. Vanilla at Half-Fast has a few good reasons why you shouldn't either. He also reinforces why I don't own a video camera.

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