Monday, September 24, 2007

Akron Marathon Preview: Detox Special

And so the real training begins. As the Team Booze Hounds training manual dictates, runners shall go undrunk one week prior to a race. These are the rules. I just follow them.

In order to prep my mind, body and spirit for the long week ahead, this weekend I took a trip to Black Out Island. I had stayed away too long. I was invited to a six-kegger, post-wedding bash out in the middle of nowhere. Countless beers, the strongest Jell-o shots I ever tasted and even a sip of white lightening sent me stumbling on the dance floor and crashing on a foreign couch.

As we all know, marathon drinking just won't get along with marathon training. Thankfully, I decided there would be no running this weekend. I was, uh, resting.

Now, as we begin this final week of training minus the booze, the minutes will flee from my mile pace like underage kids when the cops show up to the party.

Marathon Countdown: 5 days

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