Friday, November 9, 2012

Flashback Friday: Bifurcated Workday

OK, so the weather is awesome right now. The temperature has risen to the 50s. The sun is as out as it gets during this time of year in Ohio. (See a shadow is enough,) It would be awesome to hit the trails for a few miles. Too bad, so sad, but it's a workday.

Just the other day, I discovered that our new office building has a shower, like our old place did. In theory, this would be great for a midday run. The only problem is an hour lunch isn't enough to change into running clothes, drive to a trailhead, run a few miles, drive back, shower and eat lunch.

What I need is a split-shift workday. A two-hour break between shifts would be perfect for a run. Only, I don't want to have to come in any earlier or go home any later.

This country hasn't had a good labor strike in many years. Join me, my fellow runners, in this movement for the six-hour, bifurcated workday! Workers of the world unite!

Back Talk
Wherein there's a little more than just a cold shoulder

Robin knows that where there's early dark, there's twice the cold: "It's that time of the year in CLE where the first mile is the hardest. I went out for a lunch hour run yesterday and almost went back inside because it felt so cold. Good luck with the cold weather running!"

Answer: The dark and cold have been putting the kibosh on my motivation so far. Inertia is a difficult beast.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates! Have a finely brewed weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


Carolina John said...

I had that and it was fantastic. I still kept an 8 hour day, but working from home I'd start up about 8 am, work until 12, then take a long lunch to go workout, shower, and eat. about 2 pm I'd start back up and work until usually about 6 or 6:30, when the wife put dinner on the table. Working from home nobody knew or cared that I took a 2 hour lunch break every day, and getting the mid-day workouts done is what put me through Ironman training. it was fantastic. Rebel!

Sun Runner said...

Is leaving from your office for a run not an option due to runner-unfriendly roads?

I run at lunch from my office and an hour (or so) is enough time to squeeze in five miles. I don't bother to shower afterward. My cube neighbor can just deal. :)