Thursday, September 13, 2012

Boozy Book Club No. 2

Even Booze Hounds need to exercise their brains. Here at the Boozy Book Club, we'll talk about our reading consumption with an open thread in the comments section. First off, selections from my Civil War list.

Civil War Reading List
My Civil War reading has entered a slump. You'll notice a lack of progress.

Battle Cry of Freedom
Author: James McPherson
Genre: History
Status: Still 307 pages in
Notes: I need to get back to this book before I forget where I left off.

Red Badge of Courage
Author: Stephen Crane
Genre: Fiction
Status: 104 pages in
Notes: Henry Fleming has gone from coward to "war devil." Only about 30 pages left to go in this short novel.

Comic Pull List
Pickups since last update: American Vampire (30), Justice League (12), Action Comics (0), Dial H (0), Fashion Beast (1), Harvest (2), Swamp Thing (0), The Cape: 1969 (3), Batman (0), It Girl & The Atomics (2), Stumptown Vol. 2 (1), and Manhattan Projects (6).

My resurgent interest in comic books has taken up most of my reading time. My weekly pull list keeps growing, so I've decided to pare things down a bit. American Vampire hasn't kept my interest, so that's gone, and I don't really need that many Batman books, so I'm axing Dark Knight after this current arc and Batman Inc. after Grant Morrison leaves.

Since that's way too many books to go over, here's my favorite issue of the pack.

Swamp Thing
Issue: 0
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Kano
Publisher: DC Comics
Notes: This is my first try with this title. I've loved Snyder's writing for Batman, which is why I tried American Vampire. I guess I'm just not into blood suckers. Swamp Thing, however, is delightfully weird, and a big crossover story arc is just beginning, so this seemed like a good place to jump on. As a bonus, Alan Moore revived this character in the 1980s, so now I've got some trade paperbacks to pickup and catch up on the character.

So, teammates, what have you been reading? Any good beverages to pair with your books? I've been sipping on Blatz (no joke).


B. Kramer said...

I forgot to mention that I did some back reading of some Batman with Batman Chronicles (the first stories from the 1930s and '40s) and Frank Miller's two masterpieces Dark Knight Returns and Year One. All are highly recommended for fellow Batfans, even if the Chronicles stories get a bit cheesy.

Obi-Run Kenobi said...

My comic book habit has grown in recent weeks as well, to the detriment of my more serious non-fiction reading. I haven't made it to my local store yet, but am going on Saturday to pick up some of the same stuff as you (Batman #0, Manhattan Projects #6). I'm dropping Justice League for the same reason you're dropping American Vampire: just not feeling the story. I'll pick up the new JLA book in December and see how that feels. I'm also going to get Green Lantern #0 as a preview of sorts for JLA. Now I'm intrigued with Swamp Thing based on your summary. Also recently got into Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison...pretty solid and is whetting my appetite for the new Hickman-fueled Star Wars book coming in January.

B. Kramer said...

Yeah, I'm on the bubble with Justice League too. I'm going to stick it out a bit longer.

I've been looking for a good Star Wars book. I was a huge fan of the of the Dark Empire books.

Jess said...

OMG, I didn't realize I'd stumbled over to the NERD table!

With that, though, I'd add that I'm reading "Game of Thrones." You'd like it: good, nerdy, fantasy read.

B. Kramer said...

Whatever, Jess, you've been here the whole time.

While I've been intrigued with Game of Thrones, I've never really enjoyed fantasy novels. For instance, I never much enjoyed reading Tolkien.

Nitmos said...

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. It doesn't fit in with your list but you asked so I'm telling you.

So, you're the other customer of Blatz remaining. I thought my father-in-law was the only one. You realize they stopped brewing it in 1975 and are just emptying out the old warehouse when new orders are placed?

B. Kramer said...

Blatz, while not a very good beer, tastes much better than the Buds, Coors and Millers of the world. And it was $12.50 for a 24-pack!

David said...

All Buffy for me. I'm new to comic books, so my observations are weak, but so what?

I like the art. The pacing of the stories is right after I figured out how to read the things. I think Joss and his buds did a good thing and I'm looking forward to following the story all the way.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading the early Jack Raecher books before Tom Cruise ruins the character.

B. Kramer said...

David, glad to hear you're enjoying the Buffy comics. I think it's a great idea to continue the series as a comic book. Do you think you'll branch out to other titles?

Jamoosh, you don't think wee little Tom Cruise can pull off the character? Good gravy ...

FYI, I've finished Red Badge as of this morning.