Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some Actual Running

It was a struggle, but we did it. We woke up early. That was the hard part. The running was a piece of cake, a piece of cake with a couple walk breaks and wardrobe malfunctions.

The alarms went off before 6 a.m., and we finally got out the door about 45 minutes later.

Mrs. Viper is supposed to be the morning person in this relationship, but I was the one who finally rousted us out of bed.

I chose to go barefoot. The ground was cool. It was a pleasant morning for a run.

We ran a three-mile loop from the house. Mrs. Viper looked strong. Despite feeling a bit itchy, her scar didn't bother her too much. We covered more than a mile before our first walk break.

My right ankle was feeling a bit wonky. Apparently, it has gotten used to my slothful ways.

My wife's shoes started to bother her feet. First, the one seemed too loose. Then she wanted to take out the insert. Then the other one felt weird, so we took out that insert as well.

Because of her scar, it was too painful to reach down and mess with her shoes, so I bent down to do the task. The scene of a barefoot guy tying his wife's shoes amused me.

The final mile proved a tough test, what with its long slow incline becoming steeper as we returned to the Highland Square area. We had another couple of walk breaks, but we finished strong.

As I write this, Mrs. Viper is registering herself and the rest of our team. It's official. We're in training mode.


Jess said...

Yay! Congrats on getting out there. Sometimes just getting out of bed is the hardest part!

Obi-Run Kenobi said...

Glad to see the training bug has bitten again. My bad for taking what, a week?, to respond to your comment. I need to set up comment notification via e-mail.

I actually liked Batman 12 a lot; more than I thought I would, even though I have really liked all the books thus far. When done well, the whole "Series without much of the series hero" story makes the whole thing richer and I think they did that here. I thought they did a nice job fleshing out Harper's character and setting the stage for her maybe coming back in the new Joker arc to help Batman.

I've read some of the teasers on the Joker, but have tried to avoid the leaked pictures of the "new" Joker so I can be shocked when I see him come October.