Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reading vs. Running

In case you haven't noticed from all the incessant whining about failed attempts at marathon training these past few weeks, running hasn't had much success at topping my list of priorities recently. What has been successful, however, is my reading habit.

It may surprise you that my reading comprehension is above an eighth grade level, but it's true. For the past couple of years, I've striven to read a book a month. (Like running, I'm not a fast reader either.) This year's reading list theme is the Civil War, including histories, biographies and fiction of and about the time period.

Until the last couple weeks, I'd been slogging through Uncle Tom's Cabin while also reading Battle Cry of Freedom. You may recall my recent return to the world of comic books; that development seems to have bolstered my enthusiasm for reading, and I'm now within striking distance of the end of Harriet Beecher Stowe's signature novel.

Comic books are what turned me into a reader in the first place, and now they're stoking the fire to consume more and more books, both illustrated and big-boy wordy ones.

Next on my list is Red Badge of Courage, which I was supposed to read in high school but instead probably chose to read the latest issues of The Maxx or Madman. The same thing happened with last week's planned run for Thursday. Rather than heading to the trails, I went back to the comic book shop to pick up the latest issue of Batman and some other titles. I still managed to get that run in Friday evening, but it's clear where my priorities lay.

Northeast Ohio got a nice dose of cool weather the last couple days, which were perfect for running. Too bad I only ran once during this reprieve. Today's temperature is supposed to climb back into the mid-90s -- just in time for my post-work run at the Sand Run par course.

The par course has been my favorite workout recently. Not only does it have 16 exercise stations, ranging in difficulty from circling arms and touching toes to walking of your hands across parallel bars and pull-ups/chin-ups (I try both), but also the course is on a rather steep hill for a solid running challenge.

The heat will surely kick my caboose, but thank goodness for central air and a collection of good books to read while I cool down at home.


Nitmos said...

All good books. UT'sC is one of my all time faves. Did not really care for RBoC. Good luck with that.

If you are in to non-fiction, I'm currently on the last few pages of James Swanson's Bloody Crimes (Lincoln/Davis history) and highly recommend his first book Manhunt (Lincoln assas.) The man makes history interesting and entertaining like no other.

Damn, almost forgot to insult you. Nice lack of running, geek.

Junk Miler said...

Here's another one: Confederates in the Attic:

It's about a guy who hangs out with a bunch of civil war reenactors (and more, of course). I am pretty sure you will love it.

Maybe to catch up with your training, you should run with all the books your reading balanced on your head. Weight training + posture. What could go wrong?

Junk Miler said...

You're reading, that is. I'm writing on this FitDesk thing and the pedaling makes it hard to focus on spleling.

Razz said...

damn, you got some serious answers here.

Soft core is above an 8th grade level, right?