Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ice Float Adventures

Traversing the thawing terrain this week has been exciting. Watching all the snow and ice melt is a bit shocking. We've had temperatures well above freezing all week, and today it's already in the 50s. I still don't see grass.

Witnessing how long the snow takes to melt is a testament to how much we got hit this winter.

Akron pretty much ignores the street where the Enthusiast and I live. As the snow has melted, two deep ravines formed where vehicle tires wore through to the road. Driving my compact car down the street felt like rally racing, as it became clear those ravines were mostly made by trucks and SUVs. Today, finally, the one lane is clear.

Running on this slushy landscape involves a lot of hopping around to avoid rivulets of melt-water and ice floes. The warmer weather and adventurous topography makes me look forward to running again, after months of dread.



Nitmos said...

You sound like you got more snow than us. I can see half of my lawn at least. Further proof that God likes Ohio least...

Spike said...

I agree with Nitmos, I mostly have to side step little puddles...must be Ohio.

Laura said...

After our last big snowstorm in NYC, there were areas in the outer boroughs that didn't get plowed at all for several DAYS after the storm! I loved this ecard that was inspired by the occurrence.