Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just Ahead of the Tide

A comfortably slow four-miler kept me just ahead of the impending doom of mileage bankruptcy. Sickness has subsided enough for me feel like running again. However, this weekend begins the true holiday madness. I'll be lucky to fit in any kind of distance this weekend before, between or after merriment functions on Saturday and Sunday. Gift shopping still requires enough attention to disrupt running plans. All I'm missing is a blizzard. Whether you're for me or against me, keep your fingers crossed that I do/don't find time to knock out 14 more miles before year's end.


The Enthusiast said...

You'll be able to , even if it's by running from house to house in the crazy Christmas madness. :)

C said...

I take a break from packing to see evidence once again of your severe mathematical impairment. According to your sidebar thing, you have 34 miles left to run this year, not 14.

Georgia Snail said...

December 1, 2009
I will paraphrase~ This years quest will not be the same drama as last year. You even said it! "Easy as eating pie! Who wants to see if this hubris bites me in the ass?"

I do love the excitement of it all...will he, won't he....does he really lurve the banjo?

Sun Runner said...

"All I'm missing is a blizzard."

It's northeast Ohio...wait a couple of days, you'll get your wish.

Rock on!

Mike Antonucci said...

Could it be time for another Funny/Viper Challenge? After this morning's run, I'm at 989 for the year. Can you beat the old man again?

Jess said...

14 that's it? Aw, you'll get that done no problem.