Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not at the Mountains of Madness

Obsession. You all seem to think I'm rapt with it. Freaking out about my body. Waiting for signs of doom as the marathon approaches ever nearer. And you're right. I am obsessing. I'm trying to figure out the best way I can properly rehydrate after the marathon.

This is how I fight so-called "taper madness." Since I'm not spending all my time running or thinking about my next run, I'm obsessing over that celebratory beverage. And the taper has rekindled this drunkard's ingenuity.

As seems to be the scourge of every sizable marathon, Michelob Ultra will be handed out -- because who'd pay for it? -- at the post-race shebang. Martini and I have been brainstorming a way to combat this potential malady. Of course, there will be some off-site post-race revelry, but what do we do just beyond the finish line? How do we drink well immediately after we run well?

The answer lies in the carry-through gear bag.

  • Soft-sided cooler
  • Ice pack, which also can be used on legs
  • Protective wrap to prevent bottles from breaking
  • Beers, of course
  • And don't forget the bottle opener
Voila! Bootlegging is not a lost art.


Ms. V. said...

I am so missing your blog. Stupid work. :)

Good luck on your Marathon...I think that's when I started reading you...

Laura said...

Might be better to put the beers into water bottles instead of bottles - that way you don't have to worry about breakage. You could also do hard alcohol/mixed drinks if you feel so inclined. I got a waterbottle for a race in the desert that was insulated - that could help too. Finally, I'd recommend a shot pack carried during the race to give you a little extra "kick" in the final mile. No, not Clif's, but more like this.

The Sean said...

Just remember the bottle opener!

X-Country2 said...

Why not just get a Camel Back and not have to wait?

Al's CL Reviews said...

A 1990 Ford Ranger Seatbelt works in a jiffy as a bottle opener. 1996 Mustang Seatbelt, not so much.

I like that you are planning the post beverages. Mich Ulta...ewwwww.

Aileen said...

My hero! And don't forget to bring a flask with some quality whiskey. I'm just sayin'