Friday, May 15, 2009

Flashback Friday: Revenge of the Dead (Sexy) Legs

Me, yesterday:
Tonight? Intervals.

Apparently, my legs were not down with three days in a row. I headed out toward the track, and I knew I was in trouble from the very first step. I hoped my legs would ease into the run.


However, my legs were not the only reason I didn't run my intervals. When I got to the track, it was littered with loiterers -- almost 30 in legion. No way in Hell's cold dark corner was I going to deal with that hassle. I ran right past the oval of doom and looped back toward home base, where a much more exciting prospect waited for me on the couch.

But fear not! I hope to fulfill my track workout this weekend.

[Drunkard's note: You know what my Granny always said, "Hope in one hand and shit in the other. See which gets filled first."]

Back Talk
Wherein I defend my home turf from malcontents and naysayers.

Some of you scoffed at my mention of cross training after my wet six-miler.

First, Ted thinks I skimped on the repetitions: "Three sets of each push-ups and sit-ups. Impressive. Let me guess? One push-up for each set you did. Am I right on this one?"

And then Mike thinks I skimped on the effort: "Were those real push-ups or Charles Barkley push-ups?"

Answer: I did one more push-up and sit-up per set as the number of blog posts Ted wrote in April. Slacker. As for form, well, as Barkley said, "I'm not a roll model."

JoyRuN is happy to hear that they actually ship fresh fish to Akron: "Sounds like the fish was fresh if you didn't taste THAT about to come back up."

Answer: Near pukeage had nothing to do with the sushi and everything to do with my finishing kick. There are actually quite a few good sushi places in the area. I suggest Big Eye, House of Hunan and Sushi Katsu.

And thanks to everyone who stopped in the wish me a happy two years, although it has been everything but happy.

Speaking of which, Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates. Chug one for Sarah and wish her good luck, for she is running the Cleveland Marathon this week. And I am not. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


Aileen said...

I've been to Sushi I take back any smart remarks I may or may not, but definitely, had about Northeast Ohio.

For now.

Nitmos said...

That's two Fridays in a row now where you have sent me into my weekend with the big, giant red FAIL appearing on your blog. I have a big, giant smile on my face now.

Thank you.

Mike said...

I liked it when Ernie referred to Charles as "Sir Cumference."

Spike said...

I bet those 30 odd people were just warming up the track for you. I'm sure they would have left the moment you stepped on the track.

tfh said...

Wait, were the loiterers on the track people or geese?

Unknown said...

I have to disagree with you for part of this. I would really struggle to know when happy hour is if it was not for you. You tend to start of my weekend with the drink well quote

Jess said...

"Oval of Doom" -- I like that. Seems "Mad Max" in some way.

C said...

I was going to make a crack about the 'more exciting prospect' awaiting you on your couch, but I won't. I'm trying to be nice today. Failing miserably, but at least I'm trying.