Friday, December 6, 2013

Flashback Friday: Challenge Excepted

Maybe my perception has been off. Perhaps instead of lamenting how few miles I've run this year, I should be rejoicing in the restful "off season" I've had. This. Whole. Year.

Do you want to feel rested? Do you want your muscles to stop feeling so tight? Do you want to avoid injury? Do you want to have more time to eat heartily? Then I have the running program for you!

Take me, for example. I haven't been hurt at all this year, unlike most of my fellow runners, and I've been able to maintain a substantial diet. Moreover, there's not a single tight muscle on my body! You too could feel this way! It's the American Way!

And that's precisely the reason why I'm not going to submit to the challenge recently posed by the ever competitive Xenia: "The last three years have been crap for running for me, but I've been making a comeback in the last few months ... which I've neglected to blog about. Huh. Anyway, we're both in the 120s for yearly mileage at the moment. My goal is to reach 150 for the year. Care to join me in this or are you too busy feeding your pie-hole?"

It's not my pie-hole I'm so busy feeding. It's my son's. Every three hours. He's on special "I was born too early" formula, and he's going through a case and a half every month. I've actually lost three pounds since Thanksgiving, so there!

My lack of running also sparked a few other clever ploys from you wise-ass commentators.

Jamoosh's two pronged approach:
A) Run a mile in December = 100% improvement
B) Call it a non-running streak!
Al's shoeless advice: "If you wore shoes to run, you could say the dog ate them." That reminds me: My barefoot mileage this year is still 10 percent of my total distance run. Achievement!

And then there's Jess. Super hilarious Jess. " could always take up RW's streak challenge to run every day up until Christmas! Some months are like that. I had a bummer of a November too and only logged 98 miles ... Geez, I'm sorry, but I can't even TRY to not be awesome." She closed her snide little comment with a smug little smiley face, which I deemed inappropriate for republication.

I'm probably not going to run 21 more miles this year to reach 150. And I'm certainly not running every day until Christmas. This is the off season. Try me again when we get to training camp.


Carolina John said...

Keep hope alive! Your non-running streak is inspiring to many, nay, thousands of others. Surely you won't disappoint all of the legion of fans and actually run some?

Al's CL Reviews said...

Soon you are going to be able to put the 0.0 sticker on your car.
Dream big!