Friday, August 2, 2013

Flashback Friday: Challenging Myself

When you're done, you're done. That was the lesson this morning as my arms laughed at my attempt to do one more pull-up. Still, though, my semi-daily morning workout marked a new high, with 17 total pull-ups. Additionally, I completed 30 push-ups (three sets of 10) and one 40-second plank.

The first 10 pull-ups were by twos, with 30 seconds rest in between, while the last seven were done one at a time. My goal is to get to 20 pull-ups in two sets of 10. Slowly, but surely I'm making progress toward that end.

It was only two and a half weeks ago that I installed the pull-up bar in the basement. That first morning workout comprised five pull-ups, five chin-ups, 20 push-ups and a 30-second plank. I've challenged myself to also be able to do 20 chin-ups, and I'm working toward a 60-second plank.

If I can't find the motivation to run more often, at least I'm doing other exercises. I don't think I've maintained such a consistent strength workout routine since college, when I had access to the campus gym facilities.

My buddy and I used to go to the old, crappy gym that would be fairly empty because everyone else was at the new fitness center. We weren't getting fit so much as fending off the harm we did to our bodies by smoking, drinking, etc.

It only took me seven years to graduate. Two years later, I quit smoking and started running.

Mrs. Viper had a dream the other night that I'd started smoking again and was hiding it from her. My immediate reaction was I'm too much of a cheapskate to smoke now.

It seems I'm also too much of a cheapskate to enter races anymore. Maybe that's why my motivation is lacking: There's no fear of a big race coming up. We talked about entering a 5K after the baby is born as motivation to get back into shape. With the due date in October, a Turkey Trot is probably too soon, but perhaps a New Year's race.

Having those regular performance events helps keep you focused. Sometime in the last couple years I forgot that.

Back Talk
Wherein some commentators bust out their judgy pants.

Jamoosh doesn't find it so hard to resist sugary, deep-fried dough: "I don't think I eat two donuts a year — if that."

Redhead Running adds insult to injury: "I just do not understand the donut appeal. I hope you kept up the self control!!!"

Answer: Doughnuts are delicious. That's their appeal. DON'T CONDESCEND ME!

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates! Run well and drink well. Cheers!

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Jamoosh said...

No condescending intended. I am not much of a sugar person - I rarely, if ever, eat cake because of the frosting.

Think of it in my terms. Some people love wheat beers; other people love IPAs.