Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday: Photo Op

Photography entered my life during my junior year of high school. For the next four years, it was my life. That is, until a certain college professor made it clear that my skills wouldn't cut it in the professional world. And that was it. No more photography.

My 35-millimeter camera was later stolen from a kid who borrowed it for the same high school class that sparked my wilted passion. A replacement would prove too fancy and quickly obsolete as digital cameras became the standard. Without the funds for a nice digital SLR, photography faded from its once high pedestal. I quit taking pictures.

A couple years ago, my wife and I got a digital SLR, which we don't use nearly enough. The photo habit is gone. We rely on our cell phones to capture images. As you've seen from recent posts here, the results are hit or miss. (See Exhibit A and Exhibit B.)

Now that I carry my cell phone most of the time when I run, taking photos when out logging miles has become more commonplace. The act of stopping to snap a picture — and seeing the blurry results — has instilled a desire to carry a better camera.

There's no way I would take our SLR running, as I'm sure I'd trip on a tree root and smash it to bits. Somewhere Mrs. Viper has a compact point-and-shoot digital that could make a good running camera, though I wonder how I'd carry it with me without soaking it in sweat.

Any running shutterbugs out there with advice?

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates! Have a finely brewed weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


David said...

I use a Sony Cybershot DSC-W560. There are so many versions of this camera that I think the "W" means "Wednesday".

I take this camera on my more adventurous runs and usually carry it in a pack. But I have carried it in my hand for many miles.

The thing about cameras and running is that you need to regard the camera as disposable so that you don't feel stupid when you break it. I've broken two cameras over about 4 years. My first one (a Panasonic) died after I dropped it on a NYC sidewalk while putting my gloves back on after taking an originallly composed picture of the Empire State Building. I broke the second one (a Sony) when it was thrown in the wash with a bunch of running clothes after a big trip. It was in a pocket and I just didn't notice it until the dryer started making an interesting "clunk-clunk" noise.

I'm on my second Sony. I keep it in my running bag so I'll have it if I need it.

Since you don't spend any money on shoes, you should have plenty for a simple camera and a spare.

Good luck.

PS: too busy - still reading Buffy. Slowly.

Jess said...

I never take pics while running, but I often think I should.

Sun Runner said...

I've been carrying my Nikon compact point-and-shoot on runs with me since 2009, everything from 5K up to marathons. It's so small I barely notice I'm carrying it. I loop the carrying strap around my wrist and go. Since I hold my hands in a relaxed fist naturally, the camera just sits there without much effort on my part. I hold it so the view screen faces out, thereby minimizing the chances of palm sweat grunging up the screen. The lens stays covered until it's ready to use. Having that camera with me and always at the ready has led to such memorable shots as this one