Monday, August 20, 2012

Team Booze Hounds Inc. Rides Again

Is it wrong to have a 16-year-old on a team with "Booze Hounds" in the name? Consider it a lapse in judgement. For K's birthday, we got him registration to this year's Akron Marathon five-person relay. It's officially game on, now.

We're giving the youngster the longest leg of the relay, considering he's the only one who has actually been running consistently over the past few months. My leg will be the second hardest, since I'm so experienced and whatnot. Mrs. Viper wants to finish in the stadium, and although that leg is the second longest, it's also mostly downhill.

Rounding out the rest of the team will be my brother-in-law E, who gets to toe the starting line and take the shortest leg, and our friend R, who gets what's left.

With just six weeks to go before race day, the wife and I will be struggling to get our own training in gear. This "running blogger" hasn't run in three weeks (as of tomorrow). Mrs. Viper will be recovering from a second minor surgery (also as of tomorrow). Chronicling our upcoming foibles in training should be entertaining.

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Carolina John said...

I think you're just teaching the kid how to live proper. Better that they learn the right way to booze than end up drinking bud light.