Wednesday, April 18, 2012

And I Ran

Should this post be about reversing a route for variety? Ankle breakers? Post-run etiquette? Post-run burpees? Or the fact that I'm probably going to have to scale back this week's goals because of all my slacking the last two weeks?

Feeling no love for road running lately, I decided to hit the hiking trail at Hampton Hills park for a three-miler in the attempt to regain some running juju. Usually, I complete Adams Run (3.2 miles) clockwise, but decided to reverse that trend -- as if to reverse my trend of not running? -- and start with the hills.

The whole way I was thinking "easy, easy, easy." I walked where I needed to and focused on short, quick steps on the way to a 11:10 average mile pace.

The short steps were necessary in avoiding a sprained ankle on the part of the trail that goes past Top O' the World. Here, you emerge from the woods to a grassy field of rolling hills. As a result of the wet and unusually warm winter, the path had become pocked with sunken footprints that were now hardened from our recent dry spell. If you're not careful, you could snap your ankle right off.

Now, a few words of advice. After the run, it was my duty to secure dinner for Mrs. Viper and me. I called for a carryout order from our favorite sushi restaurant. By the way, sushi is a perfect post-run food with its carbohydrate-laden rice and protein-rich fish. The waitress told me my order would be ready in 15 to 20 minutes, just about as long as it would take for me to drive from Hampton Hills to the restaurant -- and enough time to air dry so I wasn't a gross, sweaty mess when I got there.

And so it came to pass that I walked into restaurant, wearing my dark gray running shorts, bright orange New Balance Minimus trail shoes and a light yellow cotton, race T-shirt. The waitress stepped over to help me. I handed her the money for the order.

A couple at the bar looked my way and laughed, but perhaps they were laughing at something else that wasn't the site of a wild-haired, bearded man picking up his sushi dressed like Richard Simmons.

The waitress returned with my food and handed me my change on one of those trays they use to deliver the bill when you're sitting at a table, and I couldn't help but think she did this to avoid touching my possibly gross, sweaty hand during the transaction.

Now, I realize I wasn't dressed appropriately to eat at the restaurant, which is why I was picking it up. But perhaps I should have pulled on my jeans and zip-up sweatshirt that I had changed out of at work. At least then I wouldn't have looked so bizarre. Or maybe I should continue not caring.

When I got home, I still had about an hour to kill before Mrs. Viper would join me. A shower was a must, but first I decided to do a couple of those burpees. Still just five were enough. Maybe one of these days I'll get up to 10. Whatever happened to my strength routine?

According to my pre-training plan, this was the week I was supposed to get up to 10 miles for my long run. However, having not run more than three miles each of the last two weeks, maybe I should delay that jump in mileage and pick up where I left off with four runs for 18 miles and a long run of nine miles. What say you, teammates?


Sun Runner said...

At least I had the tact to change out of my sweaty running clothes before I walked into town to get my sushi to go. Sheesh!

However, clearly great minds think alike on the merits of sushi as a post-run meal.

It went really well with a Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout. :)

Anonymous said...

You really need to do something about the Richard Simmons garb...

B. Jarosz said...

Why on earth should anyone care what you look like while picking up takeout?

Next you'll be telling us we should shower and change before sitting in a bar with our fellow runners after the weekly pub run...

misszippy said...

Nothing wrong with doing a little Richard Simmons imitating! Sushi is worth it.

Need to read your review on the Altra's--I just got a pair to review as well.